The top of the products through the high-leveled ability of design


Outstanding durability

This cover can be applied to all fields to be required the protection or important parts of machines,
it makes stable manufacture through keeping accuracy and minimizing machine loads

Various kinds of sheet

Various kinds of sheet can be
applied according to the
feature of machines.

Design know-how

We suggest perfect covers
to all the machines by
30 years’design experience.

research and development

We suggest optimal products
with the best durability through
introduction of structure interpreting.

All kinds of shape can be realized

We’ve managed standard shapes to secure high-quality and
suggested perfect shapes to the customers with exact design basis.

Protection for confined space

The unsolved problem of
long distance of feed compared
with small size can be solved
by bellows covers.

Resistance for water, oil

It can fulfill all conditions
in various fields by selecting
a suitable sheet according
to the condition.

It can be applied to all fields

These products has low noise and
non-resistance, it is possible to be
applied to all fields of high-speed
and diversified machine industry.



The unique X shaped links of HANSUNG GT greatly reduce noise and vibration and increase stability of process.